Sunday, December 28, 2008

Step by Step on how to make a Floss Ring Tag

This is my version of Floss Ring Tag, as you are making more of these little tags, you will discover your own unique way.

Step 1:

- Stitched Piece
- Backing fabric
- 2 pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Make 2 holes where you will put the eyelets on the carboard:

Step 3. Centering your stitched piece, then trace the cardboard templates to the stitched piece and the backing fabric with a disappearing ink pen:

Step 4: Cut the 2 pieces around the edges like the picture, put glue on and paste the fabric to the cardboards:

Step 5: Put the eyelets on the 2 pieces where the holes are. Place the 2 pieces together matching up the eyelets and do a running stitch to combine the 2 pieces into one.

Step 6: Glue the trim around the piece, attach the thread ring and thread drops:

Supplies that I carry on my web site to make these wonderful tags:

Here is the link to the supplies list:


Ann said...

Thanks for this excellent tutorial, yours look very pretty.

Lhassa said...

Merci pour ce tuto !